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III. Bravais Lattices

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reference The trigonal and hexagonal unit-cell information in the table below is reference material only.

Bravais Lattices

The combination of the 7 crystal systems with lattice centring (P, A, B, C, F, I, R) leads to a maximum of fourteen lattice types which are referred to as the Bravais lattices. The 14 Bravais lattices are given in the table below. Details on each Bravais lattice type are found with each of the illustrations:

No. Crystal System Lattice Centring Lattice Symbol
1 Triclinic P aP
2 Monoclinic P mP
3 C mC
4 Orthorhombic P oP
5 C oC
6 F oF
7 I oI
8 Tetragonal P tP
9 I tI
10 Trigonal R hR
11 Hexagonal & Trigonal P hP
12 Cubic P cP
13 F cF
14 I cI

The symbols in the last column of the table are a convenient shorthand method to specify a particular Bravais lattice. The first part of the symbol refers to the crystal system, while the second part refers to the lattice centring.

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