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Open Access Version of the PD Course

Disclaimer: In making this version of the original powder diffraction course developed at Birkbeck College in the late 1990s openly available on the web, the authors are making no claims as to correctness or to current practice in this field. Although some parts of the material are not expected to age substantially with time, other sections will age rapidly. Readers should be aware of this.

Secondly, some of the interactive material has been removed to avoid hackers or others misusing some of the programs that were made available via a web interface. Therefore some pages have been revised, though the content is essentially the same, in order for dynamic web pages to be changed to static ones. In addition, there is some teaching material that has not been made available, though we may make more available at a later date. In particular, examination questions with model answers are currently withheld, though it is hoped to release some of these at a later date since they may be very useful for teaching purposes. The project and coursework questions, both with model answers, are also withheld.

Finally, please feel free to use the material for teaching, but please note the copyright restrictions. All use must be acknowledged appropriately. It is our intention is to leave the material permanently open to the public, so there should be no need to make "private" copies. We hope you find some of the material provided here useful despite the inevitable passage of time. Feedback is also welcome.

Jeremy Karl Cockcroft & Paul Barnes

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