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Enrolment 2001/2002 is Closed

(See Enrolment 2002/3)

School of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London

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The enrolment procedure involves a course-based technical information form and a college-based application form, which may be completed in either order.

Technical Information Form

Technical Information

As the Advanced Certificate is taught almost entirely over the Internet we will need further information from you about your technical experience and equipment. For this purpose you should fill in the on-line technical information form. You will receive an acknowledgement that your form has been received.

If you are having problems using this form, please email the Course Administrator who will forward a paper copy of the form for you to complete.

Technical Requirements and Equipment

The minimum equipment/know-how required to take the course will be:

We anticipate that most students will be using PCs running MS Windows 95/98/NT/2K. However, most of the course material can be browsed (and interacted with) using PCs running Linux or other UNIX computers or even Macs. However, the Department cannot guarantee an equal level of technical support for students not using PCs running MS Windows 95/98/NT/2K.

This list of requirements should act as a guide only as there are bound to be variations and combinations which are not mentioned above. If after reading the above you are still unsure about the level of your technical know-how or the equipment you will need then please contact Mr Martin Vickers.

College Application Form


Once you have read the course details and completed the technical information form, the next step to pursue your application for a place on the course is to complete the college electronic application form. My apologies for the length of the form, but it is designed to cope with many situations and a variety of courses. Please let us know if you experience any problems with it.

The full enrolment procedure may take about two weeks (allowing for postal delays), though an acceptance (or rejection) decision from the course organiser is usually made within a few days. Application forms which are not complete (or have incorrect information) will be subject to rejection (and possible delays in processing), so please fill in the form as accurately as possible.

As the course will begin in late October you should be thinking of registering as soon as possible to ensure that you get a place on the course. Registration must be completed by 29 November 2001.

Course Fees and Method of Payment

The level of fee for 2001/2002 has now been set by the college for Web-based Advanced Certificates as follows:

Payment should be made by credit card, by cheque, or other form of credit transfer. For students outside of the UK cheques should be drawn on a British bank and should be made payable to Birkbeck College. Payment should be made before the beginning of the course, and no later than the 29 November 2001, but after you have received notification that you have been accepted onto the course.

Academic Requirements

The minimum academic qualification required to register for the course is normally the equivalent to an UK BSc (Bachelor's) in a subject allied to one of the following: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, or Computer Science.

If you are a PhD student registered at another university you are eligible if your supervisor, and university, agree to you undertaking this course. When you apply you will need to include a letter from your supervisor/university stating that there is no objection to you undertaking this course.

If you are an undergraduate student you are normally not eligible to undertake this course (for exceptions contact the course organiser Dr Jeremy Karl Cockcroft).

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